My name is Alexandr Gorbunov. I'm a digital marketer!

Алиса это умеет

My CEO is the winner of the award "Young millionaires - 2018", the owner of the company "IDS" (Investment development Construction) - Svyatoslav Gromov started as a loader, and now manages companies with a total turnover of 347 million rubles.

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Use my knowledge and experience to develop your business!

I treat your business as my own project!

Звонки и лиды застройщиков, девелоперов, агентств недвижимости и риэлторов.

Explore the competitive environment

I will make a SWOT analysis of your project. I will prepare an overview of the villages of competitors, offer a way of detuning from competitors and further action plan... and I will be able to implement it.

Propose a plan of action

Based on your budget, I will develop an action plan aimed at solving practical problems and will be able to implement it within the specified time frame.

Найду аудиторию вашего коттеджного посёлка.

Will find the money audience your of the village

I'll set up retargeting and geotargeting. I will find Clients who are actively looking for your option of suburban real estate. I will offer optimal scenarios of interaction with different segments of your website audience. We create dynamic creatives for various advertising channels.

Set up lead generation*

Set the pixels social networking, set up the counters Yandex. Metrics and Google Analytics. I will set up a calltracking (CoMagic) and will be able to quickly launch the target traffic to your site.

*Lead (lead) is a potential client, or otherwise respond to marketing communication.

Set up SMM* and social networks

I will prepare a content plan for social networks, set up retargeting and launch lead generation. Promotion in social networks is a great way to attract new customers and increase awareness of your cottage village.

* Social media marketing (eng. Social Media Marketing, SMM) - the process of attracting attention through social platforms.

Launch advertising campaigns

I'll prepare the content and the semantic core. I will set up and launch advertising companies in various networks - Yandex.Direct, MyTarget, RTB-exchanges, launch a native or media advertising company.

An important goal is the efficiency of your costs!

For example, you are doing an advertising campaign in AdWords and Yandex Direct using about the same settings and CPCS, but the conversion from Google and Yandex is most likely different. Where the traffic is more profitable, where it is cheaper?
Where higher conversion and lower cost per lead or action? I will help you to optimize advertising campaigns by comparing a number of statistical indicators, choose the most profitable traffic channels, reduce CPA / CPL and, of course, use the advertising budget as much as possible.Why pay a lot of money for a click, if in the end it will not bring a real sale? By segmenting traffic channels, I will be able to determine which of them is the most optimal - easily convertible and more profitable from an economic point of view.

Target traffic based on your capabilities

Contextual advertising




Media advertising


Outdoor advertising


Other marketing tools


Our goal is effective marketing solutions for developers, developers, real estate agencies and realtors.

  • 1

    Media advertising

    Traffic comes to the site with media and contextual advertising.

  • 2

    Web analytics

    Collect data using web Analytics systems

  • 3

    Call tracking

    Send data to the call tracking system to track conversions

  • 4


    Transfer all received data to CRM

  • 5

    Process the result

    The processed result of optimizing an advertising campaign

I work only with business and comfort class objects! I launch a digital promotion for a solvent audience throughout Russia: contextual advertising, SMM, e-mail newsletter to those who may be interested in your object.

Start working and you are guaranteed to get:

Clear understanding of your target audience;

In advertising, you must be very well aware of the potential buyer, take into account the tastes and habits of the person to whom you apply. Effective will only be the message, the Creator of which puts himself in the place of the consumer, speaks to him in his language.

Bright live marketing generating leads, requests and calls;

My knowledge and experience in marketing make it possible to see your project in a complex and offer only the most necessary for minimum budgets.

Effective ad and content;

It is important for the client to understand what he will receive. On a subconscious level, the client always compares (consciously or not) Your offer and competitive.

Modern marketing tools that increase conversion;

VR helps to examine the item carefully before purchasing, as did eBay and Mayer. Or shows the goods at home, as it was in IKEA advertising.

Write me!
I will not disregard your question.


    Co-Working Yasnaya Polyana
    m. Petrogradskaya;
    St. Leo Tolstoy, d. 1-3;
    Mon-Sun: from 10: 00 to 23: 00
    p. +7 (921) 748-31-30


    Get impressive results in the sales of suburban real estate, as has already been done by the General Director of LLC » Investment development Construction» — Svyatoslav Gromov.